When Telugu Film Industry was slowly turning its head away from devotional flavoured cinema and started looking out for mortal scripts, there were many aspirant directors, all enthused to portray their skill in carving fine scripts into finer versions on the screen. There’s no amazement in saying that Late Mr. Katta Subba Rao occupied forefront on the list of such directors.

Telugu Cinema Industry lost one of its prominent directors with the demise of Katta Subba Rao. Mr. Katta Subba Rao shot to fame with his familiar Scripts that revealed the adorable relations in a typical Telugu family in the 70s & 80s when masses were chasing flashy heroic acts from commercial stars. What wonders people is that he made such movies by starring the same commercial superstars.

He also directed multi starer movies with Krishna and N.T.R in Vayyari Bhamalu Vagalamari Bhartalu in 1982, which happened to be a silver jubilee hit movie in Telugu cinema.

Sri. Late Katta Subba Rao Garu
(1940 - 1988)
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